Set Sail for a Happily Ever After with Nautical Wedding Favors

Nautical wedding favors work for many brides for a number of different reasons. However you choose to use them, you and your guests can set sail for a fairy tale happily ever after when you add them to your wedding reception!

Nautical wedding favors work for many different nautical-themed weddings. While they are most commonly used with beach-style or seashore-style weddings, many brides opt to use nautical-inspired wedding favors for other wedding themes, regardless of where they get married or what their décor looks like. For example, under the sea, lost treasure, and Lost City of Atlantis themes create whimsical, dramatic backdrops that set the stage for an underlying nautical theme.

Even with reception themes that are not directly related to anything to do with the beach, the ocean, or the seashore, nautical weddings favors can provide a bride with the perfect way to subtly enhance her décor during the spring and summer seasons. Since these warmer, sunny seasons are so often associated with beach-going activities, using nautical wedding favors to add to the seasonal ambience is a great way to add to your décor without decking your reception with an all-out beach or seashore theme.

A perfect example of a wedding favor that offers practicality and just a touch of nautical style is the Nautical Themed Candle, which holds a pretty frosted white votive and is designed with a blue and white sailboat, complete with dazzling rhinestones atop rolling ocean waves. It comes wrapped in a clear box with a heart-shaped seashell “Thank You” tag and breezy organza bow.

You can also check out the gorgeous Choice Crystal Collection’s Sailboat Favors. These elegant wedding favors come shaped like sailboats, and they are packaged in equally elegant silver boxes, complete with white organza ribbon and matching “For You” tags. These crystal sailboat favors are subtly nautical, and they are good options if you or your spouse-to-be just have a passion for sailing but don’t want a beach or seashore theme. Whatever your wedding reception theme, don’t rule out the magic and the elegance that nautical wedding favors can bring to your occasion!

nautical wedding favors
Choice Crystal Collection Sailboat Favors

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