Rustically Dainty

Our featured wedding post for today’s beautiful Thursday is fun and perfect for all of you, guys. The details were so personal for it unfolded Hannah and Mitchell’s personalities. They had a blue Pontiac GTO (guys and their love for fast cars, am I right?), fishing lures, and the umbrella in the short-lived rain shower! I am pretty much sure that happiness overloaded The Corry House and you’ll be feeling warm and in love, as you take a look at Brandy Angel Photography wonderful shots during the big day!

The Ceremony

Mitchell and Hannah’s wedding ceremony was set outdoor. I love the juxtaposition of the dainty outfits in pink and white against the lush green and earthy brown of the forest. It gave a sweet atmosphere as they exchanged their vows. It was a mixture of dainty and rustic that ended up being so romantic!

The Wardrobe

The softness of the colors pink, white, and tan stood out sweetly. It was a great choice with the consideration of their venue! There were also some unique touches that the couple added to make it more personal. Instead of a flower, they had fishing lures as boutonniere — to showcase Mitchell’s love for fishing! The bridesmaid looked lovely wearing their pastel pink cocktail dress. The flower girls’ innocence radiated as their donned a puffy white dress with a pink belt. The little boys were so cute in their white shirt and tan shorts combo, plus those bow ties are just adorable!  The wardrobe for the wedding party was indeed on point.

The Reception

I describe their reception as a prettified barn! The white and tan accents inside made the whole look dainty without washing out the rusticness of the barn itself.

From The Bride

On Wedding Planning:

♥ Enjoy it! It may be stressful at times but when a vendor falls through or something doesn’t go as planned, that is just the Lord planning your day perfectly for you. On the day of, you won’t care what is going on… you will just be ready to see your soon to be husband!

On Married Couples:

♥ Keep God first in your own life so you can love yourself as well as your spouse the way he/she deserves! If you strive to love your spouse the way God loves you it will make you and your spouse so much happier. At the beginning of every fight, just remember you will always forgive him/her at the end of it. Love them unconditionally.

Money Matters

$5,000 – $10,000


Photographer:  Brandy Angel Photography
Cake Designer: Deborah’s Specialty Cakes
Makeup Artist: Bombshell Creations
Event Venue: The Corry House

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