Rose Wedding Favor Ideas for the Passionate Bride

A rose is recognized as one of the most romantic flower choices for a wedding, but it is more than just romantic. Roses are ideal for the passionate bride! Check out some of these rose wedding favor ideas to ignite your desire.

Roses have long been considered the most romantic, classic choice for wedding flowers, but rose wedding favor ideas represent all of the qualities of a rose, including passion. Roses are without a doubt incredibly timeless and romantic, but the heartbeat of a rose is its passion and its representation of desire.

Florists and those who study flowers have deemed the meaning of the rose to go far beyond classic love that is found in fairytales. Depending on the color of the rose, the symbolism can range from everything like deep emotion and longing to admiration and love at first sight.

If you’re passionate about something in particular or have a certain zest for life, roses may be the perfect flowers for your wedding, and rose wedding favor ideas can help you complement the same floral theme. Even if your floral arrangements are not comprised of roses, it can’t hurt to invoke a little desire into your guests’ favors with rose wedding favor ideas.

White Rose Candle Favors

White roses represent purity and true love. Give your guests these beautiful, practical candle favors to share your own pure, true love. They’re available for as little as $1.14 a piece.

Rose Ball Candle in Gift Box with Matching Bow and Tag

You can give everyone a ball of roses—literally—with these charming rose ball candles wrapped in pretty clear boxes. Topped off with soft, white organza ribbon, they make an excellent impression at first sight. They’re available in three colors: pearl, dusty pink, and bright red.

Choice Crystal Long Stem Rose Favors

Talk about sheer elegance. These rose wedding favor ideas take the cake when it comes to ultimate romance. These crystal and chrome favors come in beautiful silver gift boxes, complete with satin ribbons and matching heart-shaped tags.

If you want your guests to embrace a deep love for life, want to encourage their passion for living, or want help them express their desire for their loved ones, these elegant wedding favor ideas will do the trick.

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