Red Flags to be Aware of When Wedding Vendor Shopping

Shopping for wedding vendors is one of the most important tasks you’ll face when planning your wedding, but the wrong vendors can throw a huge wrench in your plans. Check out these red flags you should be aware of so you avoid any potential wedding vendor trouble.

Have you begun wedding vendor shopping? Are you at the early stages of planning your wedding? Before you make any decisions or sign any contracts, check out the following red flags to be aware of when wedding vendor shopping:

Bad communication—Hands down, the biggest red flag to be aware of when wedding vendor shopping is bad communication. From the very first phone call, you should take note of the vendor’s communication style. If it takes days for them to return a simple phone call or they are very unclear in their e-mail responses, there is a good chance you will not receive the level of attention and customer service you’re hoping for. Some vendors really are just busy, but you want to hire a vendor that makes clear, prompt communication a priority from the get-go.

Sloppy contracts—If the vendor you’re considering is disorganized, you will likely notice this when you review their contract. If the clauses, agreements, and prices you discussed are not clearly outlined or are only partially filled in, this is a red flag to be aware of when vendor shopping. You want to hire a vendor who is organized, thorough, and attentive, and if they cannot manage to draw up a professional, concise contract, you might not want to do business with them.

Bad listening skills or pushy attitude—If the vendor you’re considering doesn’t seem to listen to what you want or is trying to change your mind or talk you out of what you want, it’s a good idea to consider hiring someone else. It’s your wedding day and you’re paying for the vendor’s services to provide you with your preferences, not the other way around. Pushy attitudes and poor listening skills are definite red flags to be aware of when wedding vendor shopping.

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