How to Prevent Breakouts before your Wedding

Your big day is fast approaching and wedding preparations are getting tedious by the day. And the last thing you’d think of would be dealing with break-outs days before your wedding -an absolute disaster and a serious matter to deal with especially for future brides. So here are some beauty tips and regimen that’ll help you avoid this dreadful scenario and the stress that comes with it.

Keep your Skin Clean

Your skin naturally produces sebum, the oily stuff in your face, which feeds bacteria that clogs pores and results to breakouts. Even dead skin cells could cause the same outcome, especially during summer. You could easily avoid potential break-outs from regular skincare. Keep a healthy skin regimen and wash your face regularly with mild soap. Avoid heavy, chemical-enriched facial soap and just stick with those that are made with natural ingredients.

Be Careful with New Makeup

A lot of soon-to-be-brides lean towards trying new products days before their big day that often results in skin incompatibilities and allergies. That is why we never change make-up products days before any event to avoid unnecessary breakouts that’ll ultimately lead to sunken self-esteem.

Choose the Right SPF

Exposure to too much sunlight aggravates our skin and leads to uneven pigmentation and pimples. That is why we should always wear sunblock (with the right SPF) whenever we plan to go out in the sun.

Have Enough Sleep

Contrary to popular belief, our skin also needs time to rest and recuperate. Having enough sleep would lead to a radiant skin free from blemishes and breakouts. And don’t forget to remove your make-up before you go to sleep. This will allow your pores to breathe and healthily recover for another beautiful day.

Wear Appropriate Garments

Wearing breathable fabrics not only offer flexibility and comfort but it also keeps our body temperature stable and avoids flare-ups that lead to unnecessary sweating. Sweat easily traps dirt and oil against our skin which leads to breakouts. You should wear loose, breathable clothing with regular shower to prevent this from happening.

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