Non-Floral Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Not interested in floral centerpieces? Try these centerpiece ideas for your wedding reception instead.

There are a number of reasons brides consider non-floral wedding reception centerpiece ideas. Whether the bride and groom sufferer from allergies or the couple wants to spare their guests from possible allergy attacks, floral centerpieces can be avoided.

Some brides even want to bypass floral centerpieces because of cost or to experiment with an unconventional decor trend. Flower arrangements for wedding receptions can be costly, and it never hurts to play with new decor trends, so if you fall into one of these camps, we have some non-floral wedding reception centerpiece ideas for you right here.

Embroidery hoops with Bohemian flair—One of the latest non-floral wedding reception centerpiece trends is to use decorative embroidery hoops with uptown, chic Bohemian flair. You can incorporate this centerpiece idea with the rest of your place setting spreads and even your table linens and chair covers.

Pillar candles of various lengths—This is a great wedding reception centerpiece idea for both modern and classic, vintage-style weddings because the types of pillars you use is entirely up to you. A hot trend as of late is to use bright, bold colors to create an abstract work of art. You can use a combination of colors or the same colors for a uniform look. Choose pillar candles of all different sizes and group them together to create your centerpiece. Try placing the arrangement on a round, beveled mirror and toss a few rose pedals around it to top off the look

Fruit centerpieces—This wedding reception centerpiece idea works great to accentuate the season you are getting married in. For example, use mini pumpkins or squash in the fall or pinecones with apples and peppermint scented potpourri for a winter wedding. Place the fruits and potpourri mixes of your choice in large, clear bowls to get the full effect.

Seascape touches—Having a summer or beach wedding? Try using centerpieces made of various corals and sea-themed items, such as sea sponges, starfish, sand dollars, and conch shells. You can collect your own shells from the seashore and gather coral and starfish replica items from specialty stores.

Try any of these non-floral wedding reception centerpiece ideas for fun, fresh centerpiece arrangements on your wedding day.

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