4 Reasons You Should Never Borrow Jewelry From Family: Especially If It Has A Legacy

Brides are supposed to wear “something borrowed”, but that should never be jewelry! There are many reasons why you should not borrow precious jewelry from family members. This is especially true if the jewels you are loaned carry a legacy with them. Instead, buy or rent jewelry and borrow something else, like a hairpin!

1. It Could Get Lost

In all the hustle and bustle, coming and going, and excitement of your day, the jewelry could get lost. You don’t want to be interviewing hotel employees about who vacuumed the rug when you should be visiting with guests at your post-wedding brunch!

Woman Wearing Silver-colored Crown

2. Not Your Style

Since you will only be wearing a few items of jewelry with your gorgeous gown, you want these key pieces to be expressions of you. Instead of feeling obligated to wear a family member’s style, feel the freedom and joy that comes with choosing your own

3. Heavy Emotional Symbolism

Jewelry is symbolic. People wear class rings, crosses, and other symbols that carry meaning. If you are not aligned with the symbolism of the piece you feel pressure to borrow, don’t wear it. Jewelry with a legacy carries a heavy store of family stories and values. Only wear it if that weight feels okay to bear.

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4. Make Your Own Memories

The earrings, necklace, or bracelet that you wear during your union will carry memories. When you borrow jewelry, you have to give it back. Keep the memories that you make. You can wear those pearl or gold earrings on your anniversary and smile with recollection!

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Some might say that borrowing jewelry is an honor. Be sure that you know what you are getting into before you agree to wearing a borrowed  accessory along with your perfect wedding dress! If you feel that borrowing jewelry from family is a good idea, I’d love to hear your reasoning! Please leave a comments below.

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