Must-Have Wedding Shoe Shopping Tips

About to embark on a shopping trip to find the perfect shoes for your wedding day? Don’t hit the stores until you grab these must-have wedding shoe shopping tips!

After you choose your wedding gown, the idea to have some must-have wedding shoe shopping tips on hand might sound funny. After all, wedding shoes are a lot easier to select than your wedding gown and other accessories, right? Not always! Your shoes can make a big impact on your entire wedding ensemble, not to mention your overall comfort level on your big day. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable on your wedding day because of bad shoes. Wedding shoe shopping is just as important as dress shopping or choosing the perfect ceremony venue.

To ensure you pick you the very best shoes for your special day, use the following must-have wedding shoe shopping tips:

Shop with your fittings in mind—Something your gown’s seamstress will likely tell you is that you should have the exact shoes you plan on wearing on your wedding day with you for your first fitting. At your initial fitting, the length of the gown will be marked for alterations, so you’ll need to have the shoes with you so the seamstress can measure for alterations according to your heel height.

Pay attention to heel height—This is wedding shoe shopping tip #1. Know beforehand the heel height you’d prefer to wear, and if you’re unsure of which height you’d be most comfortable in, consider trying a variety on before you make a decision. Take into account the environment you’re getting married in to make sure you choose something comfortable. Are you getting hitched on the beach? In a chapel? In the woods? Consider ballet flats or wedges if you need a shoe that offers stable footing or traction.

Color matters—If your gown is a particular shade of ivory or beige, make sure you purchase a shoe that matches the shade of your gown. While most subtle color differences won’t be noticeable, some of them can be an eyesore. Consider purchasing a shoe that can be dyed if you wish to wear a color that is unique or one that does not match the color of your gown. This is another important wedding shoe shopping tip for the style-conscious bride.

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