Mother of the Bride: Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ensemble

You’re the mother of the bride and will have a special place at your daughter’s wedding. So, how do you choose the best possible outfit? There are a few tips that can help you ensure that your ensemble is absolutely perfect.

No White

It’s considered taboo for any woman to wear white to a wedding if that’s what the bride is wearing, because it’s her day to shine. White accents on your dress or suit are fine, but avoid all white.

Mother of the Bride Charcoal Grey Dress
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Go with the Theme

If your daughter’s wedding will have a theme, it’s important that you stick to that theme when selecting an outfit. She will probably have some suggestions for you, so consider them thoroughly when choosing your outfit.

Mother of the Bride Mint Dress
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Keep it Tasteful

It’s always best to choose an understated, tasteful ensemble. That certainly doesn’t mean that it needs to be unattractive, but it should be elegant and pretty. Stick to dresses and skirts that fall below the knee or just above.

Mid-Length Mother of the Bride Dress

Jackets Are In

Jackets are in for mothers of the brides, and they look absolutely fantastic with elegant dresses. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a jacket, look for a dress with a shawl or shrug.

Mother of the Bride Dress with Jacket
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Keep in mind that it’s your daughter’s big day. While you certainly don’t have to approve your fashion choices with her, it’s best to get her input on what you’re choosing. That way, you can be sure the bride will be happy with what you’ve chosen and that you will both have a lovely day and look lovely as well.

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