Money-Saving Tips for Brides on a Small Budget

Budget-conscious brides need to pay extra attention to wedding details if they want to save money planning a wedding. Here are some money-saving tips for brides on a small budget.

Brides who find themselves on a small budget can benefit from wedding planning money-saving tips for a number of reasons. Not only do money-saving tips help you stay within your budget limits while planning your wedding, but they can also help simplify the entire wedding planning process. For example, combining services or opting for sale items can often give you what you need quicker and more conveniently.

If you’re on a small wedding planning budget and need to watch your spending, then it’s important to focus on the details, because that is where all of your expenses will add up very quickly. Here are some money-saving tips for brides on a small budget:

Buy wedding favors in bulk—This is one tip that really pays attention to the details. Wedding favors are typically seen as extras or tiny details in the grand scheme of things, but their expense can really make a difference in your overall spending. To save some cash and get the favors you need, consider buying your favors in bulk. You get plenty of favors and you end up paying less per favor this way.

Condense with a wedding package—One of the best ways to save money and stick to your modest wedding budget is to condense your larger ceremony and reception venue expenses by condensing with a package deal. Many resorts and venue locations offer affordable package deals that save you money if you use the venue space for both your ceremony and reception, instead of having each part of the event at a separate location. Talk to your wedding planner and on-site coordinators at the venues you’re interested in to discover your options.

Seek alternative dress options—Dress shopping is another area you can save big. Consider bridal dress rentals, which some bridal shops offer, or buying a gown secondhand. You can also buy a gown style that is discontinued and save significantly on your bridal gown expense. This is one of many great money-saving tips for brides on a small budget.

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