Megan & Michael – Formal and Fun

Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_M34442_lowMegan & Michael’s wedding is a perfect blend of traditional and personal. They knew which areas to follow from the classic norm but they did not hesitate to put in hints of creative and modern details as well. And despite the difference between the two styles, you can see from the pictures that it was a yin and yang event as everything fit perfectly and smoothly. From the crisp and gorgeous outfits to the cool trolley bridal car, nothing seems out of place for this elegant wedding.

We don’t have that much insight from the wedding itself but we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Congratulations Megan & Michael!

collage2Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_6O4A9632_low  3Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_M33122_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_M33073_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_6O4A9561_lowMulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_6O4A0312_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_MG0554_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_6O4A0158_lowcollage4 Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_6O4A0251_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_M33699_lowMulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_M33716_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_MG9327_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_MG9324_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_MG9317_low Mulderig_McAndrew_Two_Sticks_Studios_MG0777_low


Photographer:  Two Sticks Studios
Caterer:  Constantino’s Catering
Floral Designer:  John Mackey Design
Bakery:  Minooka Pastry Shop
Reception Venue:  Scranton Cultural Center

Here is a social media photo from the hashtag #McAndrewWedding2014



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