Love Letters & a Wedding

I’ve seen many first look photos, all of which emits an amazing reaction from both parties. Usually, both are rendered speechless and all they could do is just hug and kiss each other. It truly is a very special moment but when emotions get overwhelming and words fail, express your love by having a love letter in hand. The intimacy and feelings brought upon by the first look added by the love expressed from the letters – it will truly be a moment that you and your beau will never ever forget. That’s what our couple, Michelle & Matthew did. I’m sure their wedding was elegant and amazing – the pictures speak for themselves – but I believe that one thing that really stuck in their minds about that day is the moment when they stood back to back against each other while reading their letters. You don’t need to know what’s written in them to say that this couple’s love will reach great heights. Congratulations Michelle & Matthew!



What is the overall story for this album?

Matt and Michelle met at Macy’s and kept their love hidden for a bit since it is against the rules to inter-date in the business. They eventually began to really take interest in each other, and decided the next step needed to be taken. Michelle found a new job so they could take the new step at dating and then engagement. Their love is so adorable and admirable.

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

Michelle wanted everything to be classy and fun. She wanted to be more contemporary so she didn’t choose to wear a veil. The green and white with a splash of pink decorations really took this wedding home.

What was your favorite part of the day?

The reveal. These two did a sneak peek before the wedding where they found themselves in tears. I absolutely adored witnessing the love explode.

Was there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

Michelle made all of the centerpieces as well as the guest take homes – which were in a cute jar filled with M&M’s with guest names and ribbons. The centerpieces were adorable flowers with vases.

What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

During the ceremony it began to rain as they said their I Do’s – however it was the most beautiful ceremony I have ever done. Michelle had tears of joy most of the time. During the reception- instead of doing the bouquet toss, she gave her flowers to the couple that had been married the longest. A great way to show admiration.

Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

Mostly contemporary and lace.

What part of the ceremonies do you think was the most memorable for the bride and groom?

Reading the letters to one another among the reveal. Both were packed with emotion. I’m so honored I got to capture it.

Anything else you would like to add ?

Michelle and Matt are two beautifully loving individuals. As a photographer I see all types of couples. Some that pose for the cameras and others that just genuinely LOVE each other.. this was one of those weddings.



Photographer:  Apaige Photography
Venue:  Railside Golf Club

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