Charming DIY Lavender and Twine Centerpiece

lavender candle

Isn’t this centerpiece idea so charming? This simple idea would be a lovely touch for a wedding with a sweet, rustic theme. It would work well at a wedding with lots of other lavender details, or a wedding with a color palette that includes soft purples.

Hold individual strands of lavender in place with a double-wrapped string of twine. The lavender should be fresh and not overly dry so that everything stays in place! Use a clear no-frills candle holder and a plain white, unscented candle for the best effect. If you plan on making more than a dozen, get some friends to help. Lining up all of those pretty lavender strands will take some work. Lavender is known for being a calming herb that has the ability to lift the mood in a room! What more could you ask for out of your wedding decor?

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