Kecia & David – Love is a Walk in the Park

Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0081_low - CopyThis is such an elegant event and what’s more amazing about it is that it has a homey touch to it. The ballrooms where the ceremony and reception were held were undeniably gorgeous, which the decorators should take credit for, but it’s the flow of the natural light that made it look welcoming altogether. Plus their decision to shoot after-wedding photos in the park added more homely vibe because it looked like a garden setting. What a wonderful wedding. Home is indeed where your heart is.

Congratulations Kecia & David

Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0004_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0005_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0006_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0007_low - Copy

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To love someone deeply gives you strength.
Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu

Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0023_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0046_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0032_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0061_low - Copy Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0017_low collage1 Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0064_low - CopyFoster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0089_low - Copy 2Foster_Purser_MichaelKaalPhotography_0070_low - CopyVendors

Photographer:  MichaelKaalPhotography
Event Planner:  Caroline LaRocca Event Design
Reception Venue:  The Patrick Henry Ballroom

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