Julie & Stephen – A Gatsby Gathering


If you’re a bride who’s a big fan of the 1920s, today’s feature will surely be your cup of tea! This Gatsby inspired shoot is a definite product of elegance & sophistication. The wedding dress was designed by Rebecca Schoneveld. And it was sure perfection to complete the look & feel of this entire session. The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel made for such a gorgeous vintage backdrop. The stairway was a fabulous addition that created such a dramatic atmosphere. Doesn’t it make you feel like a Queen just imagining yourself walking down those stairs? This styled session is a Gatsby dream come true!

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Photographer: Gagan Dhiman
Event Planner: Anmol kismet weddings llc
Bakery: Gigi’s CUpcakes
Hair Stylist: Hotheadz
Salon Event Designer: Ivory and Beau
Dress Store: Ivory & Beau
Floral Designer: Madame Chrysanthemum
Caterer: Thrive Cafe
Event Venue: Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

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