How to Make Your Wedding Dress Eco-Friendly

Conscious about the environment? Planning an eco-friendly wedding? Not sure how to extend your green wedding ways to your wedding dress? These tips can help.

If you are planning an eco-friendly wedding, you might be interested in learning how you can make your wedding dress eco-friendly, too. But how do you go about it without sacrificing style? Check out these tips and you will find that there are plenty of stylish ways to make your wedding dress “green.”

Buy it “Once-Worn”

Buying your wedding dress used is a great way to make your wedding dress eco-friendly. For most brides, a wedding dress is a one-time outfit. Plenty of brides donate or resell their wedding dress because they just don’t see a point in storing the dress away when someone else can use it.

To ensure that this method of making your wedding dress “green” goes off without a hitch, visit bridal shops and try on dresses. Find the dress you like, get your size, and then search out your wedding dress on-line or through other used outlets. Some bridal shops will even have used wedding dresses to help you make your wedding dress eco-friendly.

It’s All in the Threads

Not into the idea of buying a used dress? Buy a wedding dress made with sustainable fabrics. Organic cotton and hemp-silk are just some of the beautiful fabrics designers are now using to make eco-friendly wedding dresses. These fabrics still provide the same look and style that every bride is looking for, but the fabrics are less damaging on the planet.

Donate Your Wedding Dress

Now that you’ve learned how to make your wedding dress eco-friendly, give another bride the opportunity to make her dress eco-friendly too by donating your wedding dress to a charity. Not only will another bride be able to purchase her dress once-worn, the money from the proceeds will also go towards the organization running the charity. More and more charities are banding together to help brides carry out their eco-friendly missions. What better way is there to make your wedding dress eco-friendly than contributing to a cause you believe in?

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