How to Find Your Wedding Style

Trying to find your wedding style isn’t as easy as it used to be. There are so many options to choose from and not enough time to decide. Not to worry. These tips can help you find your wedding style and plan accordingly. 

Not sure of how to find your wedding style? Feeling stuck by not knowing what works for you? Don’t worry! Every bride has a style and you are sure to find yours. Here we’ll review some of the various wedding styles and show you how to channel those styles into a wedding that suits you and your personality. Be sure to examine your favorite clothing, music choices, and what makes you “you” in general to find your signature look.

The Casually Elegant Bride

You’re elegant, but in a natural way. To you, the most beautiful things in the world can’t be bought. You’d like nothing more than to have a wedding by a beach, in a botanical garden, or at a national park. You gravitate towards browns and greens and the dresses that appeal to you most are simple but beautiful—simply beautiful.

Sound like you? Then it sounds like you didn’t have to work hard at learning how to find your wedding style. Now you just need to channel it. Set your wedding in a natural location. Avoid listening to friends or family members (as well as their intentions may be) when they tell you something is too simple or plain. Just remember to add a touch of bright color to your wedding, such as using colors that occur in nature but are brighter than your rich earthy tones.

The City Bride

Shopping, fine dining, spas, and lush surroundings excite you more than anything. Your dress is sleek but highly sophisticated. You’re attracted to shiny, bright colors – even your hair accessories are shiny. A wedding location overlooking the city lights would take your breath away.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve found your wedding style. The problem is putting it all together. For you, dear bride, the city is your scene, so why not indulge? Just be careful to not get too carried away. Features in your wedding may be a little costly. If you plan a budget and stick to it, though, you should be fine.

Still don’t know your style? That’s okay! Now that you know how to find your wedding style, you can investigate a little more and find that perfect wedding style you’ve been dreaming of.

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