How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

A bride’s wedding colors help to express her unique personality and taste, and ensure that the wedding décor is beautiful and festive. If you’re having a difficult time choosing your wedding colors, don’t worry. Here are some tips that will make it a lot easier.

Choose Complementary Colors

It’s important to select colors that look great with each other. You can enlist the help of a color wheel to determine which colors complement each other. On a color wheel, the colors directly opposite each other are the most complementary. Keep in mind that white, brown and black are shades comprised of all colors and can be used with any other color as an accent or complementary color.

Wedding Color Scheme
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Avoid Popular Pairs

Even some of the most complementary colors should be avoided in some cases. For instance, for your spring wedding, you don’t want to choose orange and black. These colors are traditionally used for Halloween and can put guests in the mood for trick or treating rather than celebrating a wedding. Other combinations to avoid include green and red (unless it’s a Christmas wedding), and red, white and blue.

Red and Green Wedding Colors

Find Inspiration

There are a few great ways to find inspiration for choosing your wedding colors. Use your favorite flower as an example of which colors to use, or choose the color that has always been your favorite, and pair it with its complementary color. For instance, if lilac is your favorite color, choose a golden yellow or a sage green as a complementary color and go from there.

Wedding Color Scheme
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Wedding Color Palette
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Combinations That Will Surprise You

There are a few color combinations that you might automatically dismiss, but that really look great together. One of the most popular of these is orange and pink. While it may not sound like a winning combination, it is perfect for wedding, especially for brides who love color. Other combinations that will surprise you include green/blue, and red/brown

Pink and Orange Wedding Colors
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In the end, the colors that make you happiest should be chosen, but using these important tips can help steer you in the right direction when it’s time to choose your wedding colors.

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