Great Wedding Favors to Match Your Existing Wedding Colors

Are you looking for great wedding favors to match your wedding colors this summer? Here are a few ideas to help you out.

If you are using existing wedding colors or themes and are about to shop for favors, you may want to find great wedding favors to match your wedding colors to keep things consistent. By matching your favors, you can ensure that the wedding colors carry right on through to the reception and its decor.

You can find great wedding favors to match your great wedding colors, in all different types, shapes, and sizes. A variety of price ranges are available as well. To help you keep the cost low, consider buying them in bulk, which allows you to receive certain discounts. The following ideas are very versatile, so they work well with just about any color scheme.

Love Bird Salt and Pepper Shakers

The love bird salt and pepper shakers are made from pure white porcelain and are sure to be a favorite among your guests. They come wrapped in a beautiful box, with a classic, stylish design. Their white color is a simple color to match to any color scheme.

salt and pepper shaker favors
"Lovebirds in the Window" Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shakers

Compact Mirrors

These great wedding favors to match your wedding colors are definitely practical, and they come in array of colors and designs to choose from. Many of them are silver, pink, or white, and customizable mirrors make it easy to select compacts with the exact colors you need.

Luggage Tags

Having a destination beach wedding with an array of colors? Your guests will find these great wedding favors to match your wedding colors brilliant and useful. Luggage tags are often personalized, which means that you can pick and choose the color of the tag and the label on the tag to suit your needs. Not only can your guests use them for the trip home, they can use them for every trip after.

These are a few common, great wedding favors to give that are easily adaptable to different wedding colors and themes at your elegant wedding, but the main thing to keep in mind when trying to find favors that will match your colors is to opt for personalized choices. From lip balm and favor bags to tote bags and candy tins, you can’t go wrong with personalized favors to match your wedding colors. They make great wedding favors for your guests and offer the best accents for your reception place settings.

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