Gothic Wedding Favors for Your Wedding

The Gothic period’s influence has been around for years now, and there are plenty of Gothic brides looking for Gothic wedding favors today. Here are some ideas if you are searching for Gothic favor ideas for your big day.

You might have thought that finding Gothic wedding favors for your wedding would be impossible, but as Gothic period trends continue to grow and flourish, more and more wedding vendors are realizing the need to meet the needs of their customers who are looking for less conventional wedding favors. This means that there are many more options for your wedding than you might have realized, including options for your wedding favors.

About Your Wedding Colors

Dark-toned colors are often popular for Gothic weddings. These can include deep purples, blood reds, and blacks, but grays, blacks and whites, and even a combination of these colors are also popular. These color schemes can be implemented into your wedding favors very easily. They allow you to use a Gothic theme without completely scaring away your guests. This can be very beneficial for the bride that might have family attending that won’t understand the Gothic theme.

Irregular Shapes

Wedding favors for a Gothic wedding can be odd or irregular shaped. This also offers you some great Gothic wedding favors for your wedding that are a little less loud. However, you can play with them a little bit. You can make them a little more fantastical.  For example, one of the easiest irregularly-shaped Gothic wedding favors for your wedding would be a picture frame place card holder. You can also borrow inspiration from Gothic architecture for your wedding favors.

Letter Openers

Letter openers can look very similar to daggers, which definitely complements the Gothic theme. However, they can also appear as very elegant wedding favors and stylish. Letter openers are also practical and purposeful, making them perfect for the eco-conscious Gothic bride. Generally, they come packaged, making preparing your wedding a little less stressful. You can find these Gothic wedding favors for your wedding in a wide variety of materials, shapes, and colors.

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