Getting Married in Paris!

To be married and to have your engagement photos shot in a place as spectacular as Paris, France that is almost every wanderlust’s dream. Fallon and Fleetwood is head over heels over Paris so what better way to officially commemorate their love for each other than to have it there. They had a very glamorous and intimate outdoor ceremony in the infamous Jardin des Tuileries. It was proceeded by a fun shoot all around the city – from the Eiffel Tower to our favorite photo of them, by the Louvre. But Paris did not take the credit for this being a beautiful wedding, but rather it’s our couple themselves who added the graceful and romantic chemistry that in turn created an awesome event. Congratulations Fallon & Fleetwood!



On May 28th, 2007, Fleetwood and Fallon reluctantly attended a memorial day barbecue of a mutual friend. Fallon’s tattoos were the conversation starter which led into motorcycles. By the end of the week, they were inseparable and taking a motorcycle ride to Estes Park, Co. As they say, the rest is history!

How he proposed: Given that they had been dating for over 6 years, the pressure was on Fleetwood for an amazing proposal.

Fallon received a call from Fleetwood’s mom, Catherine, asking to find a time for a nice dinner out and that it would be lovely if Fallon’s sister, Keighley could join. Catherine also thought it would be fun if the girls got ready at her place, have some snacks and champagne and pick Fleetwood up on the way to the restaurant. Fallon obliged and August 28th, 2013 happened to fit perfectly into everyone’s schedules.

Keighley got off work early and since she didn’t want to drive home before dinner, she and Fallon decided to go shopping before going to get ready. Fallon just happened to find a new dress for dinner. They then went to Catherine’s and got dolled up.

When they got to Fallon and Fleetwood’s newly purchased home, Fleetwood was nowhere to be found but someone was in the house. Fallon called and from the kitchen emerged a man in a chef’s coat. “Hi, I’m Chef Chuck and Fleetwood is out back.” Fallon walked through the house and found Fleetwood in the backyard all decked out complete with a bowtie. She heard their song playing, saw rose petals leading to a white tent with fairy lights and a table set for two with a little blue box. Fleetwood led her to the tent where he laid out a handkerchief (can’t get the suit dirty!) and got down on one knee. After she said “yes,” a slew of photos were taken and then the two were left alone to enjoy a 6 course meal with all of their favorite foods. After the meal they danced the night away under the stars in the home where they will begin their lives together. Truly a perfect moment!

Why Paris: Fallon always said that she had left her heart in Paris and would one day return. Fleetwood had studied French for several years but had never had the opportunity to go to France. Fallon has a large family and a large wedding had always been the expectation until Fleetwood came along. He liked the idea of a more intimate ceremony and suggested to Fallon that the day they decided to get married they should do it in Paris. Fallon was quickly on board with this idea so the day that Fleetwood proposed, Fallon asked when they should book their flights!



Photographer:  Annabelle Denmark Photography
Restaurant:  Bel Canto

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