Get Everyone On Board with Nautical Wedding Shower Favors

Set sail for celebration with nautical-style wedding favors! If you want everyone to join in on the fun during this special time of your life, consider some of these nautical favor ideas for your upcoming shower.

Deciding on the right wedding shower favors for your shower can be tough, but the summertime is the best season of the year to send your guests home with fun nautical wedding favors, so you can let yourself off the hook—your options are instantly narrowed down! If your shower falls during the summer, you’re in luck.

Thanks to the season, you can opt for seashore, beach, or tropical themes, but if you want to have a laidback shower with lots of style, nautical wedding shower favors can be used to enhance any relaxing atmosphere and theme you have in mind. If you’re looking for a theme that is sure to bring lots of cool style and summer fun to your special event, any of the following ideas can give you the perfect nautical-themed shower.

Sailboat Details

What’s a nautical theme without sailboats? Any favors with sailboat details make the perfect nautical-inspired wedding favors, not to mention can be a very elegant wedding choice as well. You can choose from candle holders and tea lights with sailboat designs, or even sailboat-style hand soaps or place card holders. These types of favors look especially nice with cool blue or ivory linens, or they can be used strictly for shower decoration.

Nets and Fishermen Accents

Pair your sailboat details with nets and fishermen accents, and you’ll have a solid nautical theme present throughout your shower. Sailboat candle favors placed next to decorative fish netting or crab place card holders can easily add fun touches to your nautical theme. Any favors that are inspired by boating, the marina, or marine animals can give you the nautical look you are going for.

A nice plus to using any of these nautical accents is that they work great for coed wedding showers. Both men and women will love these favor styles, and everyone can use them when they go home. Get everyone on board for the wedding day with nautical wedding shower favors!

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