From Tacky to Timeless: Change Your Perception about a Wedding Color by Changing the Shade

What would you think about orange as a wedding color? While it would certainly appeal to many brides, others might feel orange is slightly tacky or overwhelming for a wedding. If there’s a color you think is “just too much,” we invite you to change your perception by changing the shade. Check out how a different shade of a certain color can make all the difference in the world when it comes to weddings!


Speaking of orange, let’s start there. Orange is one of the boldest colors in the rainbow, and because of that, it isn’t one of the most popular wedding choices. Granted, there are some ladies who love the bold statement orange makes, but for many, that statement is just too loud.

However, if we take that orange and make it several shades darker – rust, perhaps – the feel is totally different. It’s not as loud, and can be quite elegant when paired with the right complementary colors.

By the same token, a very pale orange offers yet another feel – fresh, bright, and airy.


Purple is another color that can often be seen as too much, or as one reader described it, too “sweet.” It’s true that purple is often viewed as a color that one either loves or hates. It’s very bold and rich.

We invite you to change your perception by changing the shade. Pale lavender is much less outspoken, and may appeal more to women who are slightly more conservative…

…while a plum wedding offers up an entirely different sensation.


Green is another rich, very vivid color that can often be overwhelming if it’s layered on itself.

However, if you tone it down by lightening the shade significantly, the result is a very soft, very elegant look.

Darkening the green gives it a very regal, very jewel-like tone that feels more mature and refined.

As you can see, the results are dramatically different if you just change the shade of a color! Don’t be afraid to experiment with color and research different shades of a color you may not care for. This can really come in handy, especially if you have a future husband or mother-in-law who really prefers a color you just don’t like.

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