That French Country Style

Romantic, chic, and spring like, Daniela and Joseph’s day was inspired from the Art Movement Impressionism and the French country style. Thus explains the garden and flowers. Every single detail, from the decors to the invites, all came from it. True to themselves, these two put together the things they love — adventures, architectures, and cultures. Fall in love with us as we live up to this feel good day.

The Wedding Details

The French House

Instantly fell in love with the beauty of Mayflower Grace Gardens in Connecticut, our bride and groom today never had doubts in picking the place. Packed with the French house close by that was a perfect background for their shoots, I’d say no regrets!


Fresh Color Palette

Sophistication at its finest. Soft colors never go out of date, thus this wedding — a mixture of white, pink, sky, and mint. Yes darling, it feels refreshing to just look at those colors combined. Eye candy alert!


Lovely Spring Day

Their dream of having a wedding at a garden finally came true! In here, we are moved by the beauty of the flowers. From the table centerpieces to the dresses of the flower girls, we never get tired of admiring such. Is it spring already?



Photographer:  Angel Project Photo & Video
Cinema and Video: Angel Project Photography
Accomodations: The Mayflower Grace

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