French Chateau Wedding

Macaroons, baguettes, and berets are not the only amazing things you’ll find in France. The language, the people, the romance – all these truly make France a beautiful place to be, which was, of course, one of the reasons why our featured couple held their wedding there. They looked like monarchs of France – Brianna with her whimsical structural ball gown and Pierre in his dapper gray tux. And the chateau glued the whole look together, it was elegant but fairytale-like. Definitely a wedding every little girl dreamed of having.


A summary of the day from the bride, Brianna:

Our outdoor wedding ceremony started at 4pm in the afternoon. It was a warm, sunny summer day in June. There were 100 guests in attendance, and the cocktail session proceeded immediately after the ceremony within the garden. The cocktail lasted about 3 hours, and then everyone proceeded to the dining room for dinner. The dinner lasted a while. After the dinner, we cut the cake and served it to our guests just after the cheese plate entree. Then, the guests danced the night away until 7am the next morning.

Background on how you met:

We met in San Francisco at a house party. Pierre was visiting SF with his best friend when we met at the house party. My friend knew the host throwing the party, and Pierre’s bestfriend also knew the host of the party. Needless to say, we met randomly at the house party through mutual friends. When we met at the house party, there was this instant connection and mutual attraction we had for each other. Pierre asked me out for a date for that weekend, and we exchange numbers to meet on Sunday for drinks. We decided to meet for drinks at a French place called Cafe de La Presse and ended up having dinner there since the date was going so well. We then spontaneously decided to go to karaoke after dinner. It was a nice date, but we both knew that it had to end at some point. Pierre had to fly back to Paris to go home, and we kept in touch every day since he left, San Francisco. After six months of long distance dating, Pierre decided to move to SF so that we can be together and live in the same city. Later that same year, we got married at City Hall in SF for the civil ceremony and had our formal wedding in France a year later.

Proposal stories:

Pierre proposed to me on Valentine’s Day at home. We just had dinner, which he cooked, and he asked me if I wanted to marry him while I was washing the dishes. I was surprised but so happy that he asked. Of course, I said yes!

The reasons behind the decision for a destination wedding:

Pierre’s relatives are in France, and we wanted to have a wedding there to celebrate with his family and friends that could not be there for our US wedding in SF. In addition, France is such a beautiful country, and I always dreamt of having a wedding there someday, so that was another reason we decided to have a French wedding.


Why did you chose that specific location:

We were looking for a château wedding with a French countryside theme and decided to go with our venue we chose, Château de Razay because the owner was nice and easy to work. In addition, the cost of the venue was within our budget for the wedding, so that was another contributing factor as to why we chose it. We had also heard from friends that they had great experiences with the venue either as a wedding guest or getting married there.

What style of wedding you wanted to plan, special meanings and how you decided on the style of the wedding:

We chose the French countryside/Castle wedding theme, so we planned our wedding based on that concept. We got ideas from Pinterest, French Wedding Style and Pictours Paris.

How did you choose your wedding suppliers:

Pierre’s mother and sister helped us plan our wedding since they were physically in France to meet with suppliers on our behalf in the beginning stages of planning. They both knew suppliers in the Loire Valley region, so we relied on them to help provide suppliers to us to choose.

Information on the wedding dress, accessories and grooms attire:

I chose a Rosa Clara wedding dress based on a picture I found on a French website. It was the first dress I tried on at the bridal shop in SF, and I knew it was the one instantly. I did not try on any other dress after that! The grooms bought their suits based on the color we provided to them. Our colors were gray and red. The bridesmaids and grooms wore gray.

Any issues you had with planning a wedding in France/ abroad or in your domestic country:

Surprisingly, there were no issues in planning our wedding in France. Everything went smoothly, so we were happy about that.

Any advice you have for couples planning their wedding in France:

Book your venue at least a year in advance. Once your venue is booked, and you have a date selected, everything else will fall into place. The second thing that you want to take care of right away is booking the caterer.



Photographer: Pictours Paris
Venue: Château de Razay
Dress: Rosa Clara
Florist: Tour Flower Market

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