Scott & Burcin – A New Year’s Eve Wedding

Scott and Burcin’s wedding at The Willard Intercontinental Hotel was an absolute party. That was their theme for the night. Just relax and party all night long. It fits their fun and outgoing personalities. Burcin and Scott surprised their guests with a choreograph first dance that was a mixed of pop, rap and tango. When it came midnight guests, friends and vendors hugged and celebrated the start of a New Year together.

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Truly, it was a wedding to remember and a couple not easy to forget. Congratulations again to the beautiful couple!


Photographer:  PhotoArt by Lu Reception Venue: The Willard InterContinental Hotel

2 thoughts on “Scott & Burcin – A New Year’s Eve Wedding”

  1. Très élégant Indeed!

    I will never forget the moment you spoke your own vows.
    And the violin and piano artists were exceptional.
    What a night to remember… such a happy occasion.
    Now I have two sons AND two daughters.

    My heart will always be with you both.
    Love, Dad

    • James,

      Oh I love this!! Congratulations! Reading messages like that brings me tears of joy!


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