Five Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Wedding Style

Do you have your ceremony and reception theme picked out but still want to spruce up your wedding decor? Check out these five easy ways to kick your wedding style up a notch.

Whether you’ve already picked up your wedding decorations and have chosen your floral arrangements or you’re just getting ready to design your wedding, try these five easy ways to spruce up your wedding style to create a wedding event they’ll never forget. These small tips can make a big difference in the overall presentation of your wedding day.

Choose matching favors—This is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your wedding style. You can really enhance your decor by selecting stylish wedding favors that complement your wedding theme or color schemes. If you pick favors that accentuate your theme, they will really stand out next to your place settings and add a unique touch to your wedding reception decor.

Add personal touches—Whether you personalize your napkins, customize your wedding favors, or create your own floral centerpieces, there are plenty of ways to add personal touches around your ceremony and reception location, and it’s an excellent way to spruce up your style.

Keep it authentic—Worn-out accents, vintage touches, and natural details are very popular right now, and using these authentic touches is a great way to spruce up your wedding style at both your ceremony and reception.

Keep it simple—There’s nothing wrong with wanting an elaborate, fancy wedding, but however you decorate, opt to keep it simple. For example, keep the elaborate details to a minimum and choose one or two main focal pieces for the ceremony and reception hall. Keeping the decor simple will make your wedding style appear elegant and attractive.

Add a little green—Never underestimate what fake foliage can do for your wedding decor. You can really amp up your wedding style by adding more foliage around the location. It makes everything feel and look lusher, more sophisticated, and overall more pulled together. Talk to your wedding coordinator or florist about available options and how you can use them to enhance your wedding style.

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