Fairytale Castle Wedding


Not every bride and groom can say that they got married in castle like a fairy tale prince and princess so when a couple decides to do just that, we’re all eyes and ears as to how they delivered this amazing moment. And lucky for us, our feature today was set in a venue that will make us say “And they lived happily ever after” for it was held in a castle that is just majestic in all it’s glory.The ceremony and the reception was held inside a conservatory room that was formal and welcoming in the day and was then transformed to be fun and elegant as the day progressed. Truly a wonderful day for our couple. Congratulations Alana & Fraser!

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Here’s what their photographer shared with us about the bride, groom, and their wedding day…

What would you say, the overall story for this album?

The wedding story is one fairytale’s are made from, start to finish.
Having been together for almost a decade prior to tying the knot this September, Casa Loma, the majestic castle fit for a prince and his princess, was the perfect backdrop for Alana and Fraser’s nuptials.

A&F met after noticing each other across the lecture hall while at university. Fraser finally worked up the nerve to approach Alana at a $2/beer pub night later in the school year and they have been together ever since.After 7 years together Fraser finally popped the question on a secluded beach path in the British Virgin Islands on New Years’ Eve and wedding plans started almost immediately. After a few months of DIY, the mother of the groom, sourced wedding & event planner – Bryn Allison, of An Artistic Affair – to help them with all the details. It was important to the couple and their immediate family that nothing was missed, and each important aspect of the day was going to be addressed.

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

As the vision of the day was fairytale, the outfits reflected the theme perfectly. Alana’s gown was simply stunning. Glamorous and form fitting it hugged Alana’s curves and was very reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Alana chose to forego the traditional veil, and wore a stunning broach. The bridesmaids reflected Alana’s sunny disposition. each bridesmaid wore a different colour.. purple, magenta, royal blue and teal.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Alana and Fraser wanted to spend every last minute with their guests, so they took time prior to their nuptials and guest arrival, for photos in the gardens. A&F’s ‘first look’ by the fountain, as family and the wedding party peeked over the verandah with happy tears, was very special and a silent testament to any observer, of the love that they share day-to-day.

Was there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

Alana and Fraser provided guests with an “anniversary card” guest book. Each guest was asked to share marriage advice, and choose which anniversary they should open their card on. (i.e.,1st 10th, 25th) The couple now have a book filled with words of wisdom that they can open on each of their anniversaries, for many years to come

What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

They had ‘luck’ on their side, as Indian Summer swooped in that weekend (thank you “weather network”), allowing for cocktails out in the lovely gardens and verandah area with sweeping views of the CN tower and the Toronto skyline – who could ask for more, after the summer we were dealt? Alana and her bridal party were pampered in the lavish bridal suite, before the ceremony with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. while guests were treated to live piano music. Alana was given away by both her Mother and Father, which was a special moment for everyone to witness. The couple were asked to face their guests as they were given the promise of everyone in attendance to provide them love and support throughout their married years. The celebration began and ended in the stunning conservatory, with large glass ceiling, which transformed from ceremony to dance club as guests dined. After collective congratulatory irish cream shooters, the bride and groom moved into their first dance which flowed into an outrageously fun dance party. The photo booth kept the young-kid-at-heart happy, and the anniversary card guest book will allow Alana and Fraser to take a trip down memory lane as they celebrate their union for years to come.

Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

In keeping with the desire to have a feel of “contemporary elegance” for the evening, the room was set for dinner in clean/crisp white linens, with breathtaking fluted centrepieces, made from white hydrangeas and pink roses,and romantic candlelight. The reveal of the room just before dinner, allowed the guests to swoon at the site of yet another beautiful mural of details.

What part of the ceremonies do you think was the most memorable for the bride and groom? Guests?

The dinner and heartfelt speeches were surely a highlight for the wedding couple and guests. The stunning library, which has recently been restored, was the perfect setting for a delicious meal. Guests dined on salad with fresh raspberries, asparagus soup, melt in your mouth beef tenderloin, and fresh, homemade tarts with lavender ice cream. The speeches were warm and heartfelt. Fraser’s speech to his bride was a wonderful testament to his love for her. It was apparent to everyone in the room that both the bride and groom’s families share a deep and loving bond, and desire to support them in the years to come.


Photographer:  Sandra Stephenson Photography
Event Planner: Bryn Allison of An Artistic Affair
Cinema and Video:  Barefoot photographer
Event Venue:  Casa Loma
Officiant:  Ceremony Matters
Musicians:  Duo d’amore
Hair Stylist:  Evoke
Equipment Rentals:  Exclusive part rentals
Dress Designer:  Garber’s – justin alexander
Photo Booth Equipment:  Get the booth
Makeup Artist:  Jennifer Evoy
Favors and Gifts:  Le dolci
Caterer:  Liberty group
DJ:  Nth degree
Floral Designer:  Peter Paul’s
Invitation Designer:  Precious Invitations

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