Elegant Wedding Decor Ideas for Your Special Day

If you’re looking for elegant wedding decor ideas for your wedding day, we have some suggestions for you right here. These elegant wedding decor ideas are reception decor staples and can pull your entire event together.

When you start planning your wedding decor, turning to elegant wedding decor ideas is the best way to subtly yet effectively enhance the look of your event. Some wedding decor ideas are simply crucial, and others are optional but make a big difference in the ambience of the occasion. Whether you’re having a lavish affair or a small, intimate occasion, the following wedding decor ideas are enough to create a lasting impression and should be used no matter what wedding style or theme you use.

Stylish favors—Using wedding favors to spice up the look of your reception tables is one of the easiest ways to add an elegant touch to your wedding decor. Choose favors that are sleek and sophisticated, but choose practical and versatile designs, too. Gorgeous gift bags and personalized wine glasses are examples of elegant wedding decor ideas and favor ideas your guests will love.

Chic floral arrangements—Floral arrangements are a must on your wedding day, but the types of arrangements you choose makes a big difference in the look of your occasion. Try tall, full tower sprays, or sleek, contemporary table arrangements with little to no filler foliage. You can also use topiary-style arrangements, which have a very modern, tailored look and offer elegant wedding decor ideas for both the reception and ceremony.

Sophisticated linens—Believe it or not, the linens you choose for your reception tables set the stage for the look of your entire reception. The way your tables are dressed change the way your place settings, favors, and floral arrangements look, and they also set the tone of the room depending on their color and design. For example, damask-style linens or linens with stripes can drastically change the room’s ambience, and so can the material.

As you plan your special day, use these elegant wedding decor ideas to accentuate your wedding’s style.

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