Elegance and Heartwarming Moments

What we have here today is a traditional and elegant wedding that had some of the most heartwarming moments captured on camera. Seeing your parents cry, may it be for a sad or happy cause, is a vision their kids will never forget. So when Sidney, our bride, had her first look with her step-dad and he cried tears of joy, it truly became a scene that everyone who bears witness will cherish forever – I know we did even just by looking at one photo. It really is a sight to behold. Aside from this amazing moment, the wedding was also unforgettable due to it’s sophisticated elegant styling. The purples and blues were combined regally together all throughout the day and thus, creating a beautiful wedding event. Congratulations Sidney and Tyler!



We began with the entire party getting ready at the Gardendale First Baptist Church where the wedding ceremony was held. The ladies spent the morning having hair and makeup done — and playing an intense game of hangman! Sidney’s dress was just the right touch of perfections with Betsey Johnson shoes that was to die for. When it was time for Sidney to get into her wedding gown, everyone was asked to leave with the exception of a few bridesmaids to assist. Even though the other ladies were hesitant to leave, Sidney wanted to surprise everyone with a grand first look. I would say after their reactions that she couldn’t have made a better decision. I am always a sucker for first looks! Sidney and Tyler chose to not have a first look with themselves saving that for the ceremony. Instead, Sidney made up my first look fix with her stepfather and one with her father. I am here to say the first look with her stepfather is beyond the sweetest first look I could have ever asked for. In the empty church auditorium with just her mom present, Sidney’s overwhelming moment with her stepdad was perfect as it filled with lots of emotions. I always love to sit back (and snap photos of course) and take it every first moment I witness.

The ceremony was held on stage at the Gardendale First Baptist Church with an array of blue lighting and spot lights I frenzy about (love, love, love!). As guest took their seats and the wedding party made their entrance, Sidney had planned a grand entrance that could include both of her fathers. Everyone stood as she made her way into the auditorium while tears filled everyone’s eyes. She joined Tyler at the alter and they lit the candles in memory of family members that have passed. The couple included a few special additions to your traditional wedding ceremony such as the cord of three strands and communion.

After the ceremony, the guest continued over to Homewood, Alabama where they gathered to celebrate the marriage at the Rosewood Hall. The wedding party finished photographs at the church before heading over to the reception. As the sun was going down, the bride and groom remained with me capturing these stunning portraits before enjoying the rest of the evening at Rosewood Hall.

Done swooning yet? Yeah me either. Let me take you to the reception where the couple was celebrated by family and friends and catered to by Alexander’s the Great Events. The event was designed and catered by Mike Alexander’s team of professionals. The food was delicious and you will be drooling just looking at the pictures. The night was filled with entertainment provided by On-Site Productions as guest danced and enjoyed a great time. Upon the bride and groom’s arrival and introduction, the wedding party entered the ballroom to a specific song per couple and shared some awesome dances, to say the least. Then the bride and groom were introduced to their own happy tune and broke down some epic dance moves themselves. They continued into their first dance and then the parent dances. The infamous shoely wed game was played which always makes for a great laugh. A fight to the end bouquet toss leaving the junior bridesmaid on the floor along with the best garter removal known to man happened all in one night! The best part of the night was when all of the guest gathered around the bride and groom as they enjoyed their last dance before their departure. Never seen this big of a group hug — huddle — whatever you want to call it. It was definitely a great day leading into a perfect night.



Photographer:  Jewels Photography
Event Designer:  Alexander’s The Great Events
Caterer:  Alexander’s The Great Events
Floral Designer:  Alexander’s The Great Events
Cinema and Video:  CAM Video Productions
Ceremony Location:  Gardendale First Baptist Church
Cake Designer:  Magic Muffins
DJ:  On Site Productions
Event Venue:  Rosewood Hall

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