Decor Tips to Make Your Wedding Reception Warm and Cozy

Are you craving a warm, intimate atmosphere for your wedding reception? Here are some simple decor tips that can create a personal, cozy environment for your guests at your wedding reception.

Even if you’re having a large, lavish wedding, it doesn’t mean you can’t use some simple decor tips to make your wedding reception warm and inviting for your guests. Designing a cozy, intimate setting for your guests to dance, eat, and mingle is a great way to encourage conversation and create memories. No matter what kind of floral arrangements you have planned or what your color scheme or decor theme is, the following decor tips can be applied to any wedding reception to make it instantly homier:

Lots and lots of candlelight—You can never have enough candlelight at your reception. It doesn’t matter whether the party is indoors, outdoors, during the middle of the afternoon, or late in the evening. There is something about candlelight that makes the ambience more cozy and romantic. Place tea lights everywhere and scatter pillars of any size or color around the tables.

Family-style seating—Family-style dinner receptions are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst brides and grooms who are having a vintage-style wedding. You don’t need to have an old-fashioned wedding to use family-style seating, though. You can use picnic tables, long formal dining tables, or small, round tables to seat everyone directly across from one another. The idea is to create closer, personal space between your guests. This will do wonders if you want to create a warm and cozy wedding reception. Don’t forget to buy wedding favors that give warm feelings as well. Things like hot chocolate, coffee, candles and much more would be a great option.

Plenty of foliage—Similar to candlelight, you can’t go wrong with a lot of foliage. Use as many arrangements as you can afford, but also place plants galore around your reception location—in corners, next to tables, near the entrance. You get the idea. The more the better. This will make the entire room feel more lived in and will create an inviting, warm elegant wedding reception event that your guests are sure to love from the moment they arrive.

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