Decor Tips to Help Make Your Wedding Reception Cozier

Do you want to create a warm, inviting atmosphere at your wedding reception? Are you looking for ways to make the reception environment cozier to encourage a friendly, comfortable occasion for your large number of guests? Try these decor tips.

There are plenty of reasons to use decor tips to make your wedding reception cozier. Decor tips that cozy up your reception can really come in handy if you have a large guest list and you want to make your event warmer and more inviting. Also, if you have a love for vintage, romantic style, cozying up your wedding reception can express your sense of style and your personality.

Try these decor tips to help make your wedding reception cozier:

Area rugs—There is something about an area rug that warms a room right up. Maybe it’s the “lived in” feel it provides or the additional patterns on the floor that make the area feel less open. Whatever it is, one thing is certain—using area rugs at your wedding reception can make the whole event feel instantly cozier.

Centerpiece vases with character—If you’re going to use traditional flower centerpieces on your table, consider switching up the vases. Try different vase styles on each table instead of making them uniform, and search for pastel vases with cracked, chipped coating, or old preserve jars, cans, or flowerpots.

Candlelight—This is “Cozy Decor Tip Number One.” Overload the room with candlelight and opt for the dimmest lighting possible. You don’t want your guests struggling to see one another in the dark, but the dimmer, the better.

Foliage—Finally, don’t forget to add additional foliage. In fact, use as much as your budget and space restrictions will allow. Large plants in the corner, extra green filler with the centerpieces, various floral arrangements, and even with the chandeliers or cake table will do the trick. Add more foliage wherever you can to create a lived-in feel. 

Also, pay attention to the color scheme you use. Warm brown tones mixed with chic ivories or a combination of cool pastels can do wonders for warming up your reception. By using these decor tips, you can make your wedding reception cozier and more stylish.

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