Dancing in the City

You’d think an album full of a couple’s photo shoot is less informative to the planning bride than an actual wedding album but this couple will prove us all wrong. They have one of the most dynamic, visually appealing, and picturesque album filled with photos all around the city. And you’d know that they didn’t narrow down their locations because they went from historic structures, to canals, open areas, and lots more. Plus, their poses which consisted of them being sweet, adorable and carefree will help not only couples in their wedding shoot but those having their engagement too! So dance along with them and congratulations Daria & Aleksander!

Shovkun_Borysenko_Tania_Lerro_Photography_VeniceDA0036_low Shovkun_Borysenko_Tania_Lerro_Photography_VeniceDA0006_low


Photographer:  Tania Lerro Photography


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