Top Tips To Ensure You get Curl Plopping Right Every Time

Choosing a hairstyle is hard work. You need to consider the styles that you like the most and balance this with the type of hair you have. It’s not just about whether you have oily or dry hair, you also need to consider how curly your hair is.

The bottom line is that curly hair can be straightened but it takes more time and effort. It may be time to consider embracing your curls instead!

Of course, regardless of the style, you are trying to adopt, you need to choose the right product to get the perfect results. In short, choose natural products that are designed for your hair type and preferably have Kerastase in them.

What Is Curl Plopping?

Curl plopping is one of the best techniques you’ll come across to help you get perfect curls. It isn’t to be used if you like loose curls. The technique helps you have tight ringlets that stay in place and help you to look fabulous all day.

Fortunately, it’s easy to do.

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Benefits Of Curl Plopping

You may be surprised to discover this but curl plopping will actually dry your hair faster than air drying! In just twenty minutes you can have stunning-looking hair which will leave you feeling great and boost your confidence.

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It’s amazing what you can achieve when you have confidence.

Make It Clean & Wet

The first step is to wash your hair with your chosen product, ideally one from the Kerastase range. Washing your hair ensures all impurities and other issues are removed. It will also help your hair to stay clean and healthy while your curls are in place. It is possible to simply dry shampoo your hair for a day without losing the curls.

Remember, it’s easier to do curl plopping with wet hair so dry it to remove excess water but leave it feeling wet.

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Add Styling Cream

You’ll want to choose a natural styling cream from the same range as your shampoo and other hair care products. Run this through your hair, make sure all your hands are coated but don’t use an excessive amount of styling cream. It’s also important to use one that can be left in your hair.

Flip It

Now you simply flip your hair onto a towel that you have placed on a flat surface. Spend a few minutes scrunching your existing curls to make them tighter. When you’re done, tie the towel into a knot at the top of your head.

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You can now do whatever you like for twenty minutes while the plopping takes effect. That’s it! Take the towel off after twenty minutes and you’ll see some stunning curls.

Drying Your Hair

You now have a choice. You can dry your hair naturally by simply doing nothing else to it. Or, if you prefer to get even tighter curls then use a diffuser. This will also give your hair more volume.

It’s surprising, but this simple technique makes a huge difference to your curls.


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