Cosmetic Wedding Favors for Some Feminine Flair

What’s a girl to do without a little lipstick and her compact? Every woman at your shower will appreciate a little feminine flair to help them freshen up and look their best!

Cosmetic wedding favors add a lot of feminine flair to your wedding day. Whether a majority of the ladies attending your wedding are single or coming with their husbands, cosmetic wedding favors are both appreciated by and practical for women of all ages. If you want the ladies to feel special and appreciated, you just can’t go wrong with cosmetic wedding favors.

Themed or Personalized Towels

Themed towels are super useful and are excellent aids for cosmetic application. Whether washing their face before or after make-up application, the women at your shower can use pretty towels for their vanities or restrooms. For example, dessert towels are a lot of fun. They look like scrumptious, tasty desserts, but they’re actually full of guilt-free fun! You can also opt for different themed towels to match your wedding theme or colors.

Classic Compacts

A trusty compact mirror is one of the most practical cosmetic wedding favors you can give. Compact mirrors can easily help complement the theme of your wedding day because you can find them in a number of different colors and designs, and many of them can even be customized. Try customizing them with your wedding date, names, or a unique message to add a personal touch.

Indulgent Mani and Pedi Sets

Every gal loves to treat herself to a manicure or pedicure, so why not let the women at your elegant wedding take the spa home with them? These cosmetic wedding favors are made with high-quality materials and are presented in beautiful, decorative packaging or cosmetic cases. They are perfect for traveling, daily on-the-go fixes, and for cozy nights in.

Lipsticks, Glosses, or Personalized Lip Balms

Just like a classic compact mirror, every girl can benefit from a great shade of lipstick, some fun gloss, or a practical lip balm. Why not give everyone personalized lip balms? They are available in a number of great designs and flavors, and they’re pleasantly affordable. They’re especially great choices for complementing your wedding theme, thanks to their customization options. Any of these cosmetic wedding favors will add some instant feminine flair to your big day.

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