Common Wedding Reception Questions and Answers

Whether you’re getting married or attending someone else’s wedding event, here are some common wedding reception questions and answers that you should know before you arrive for the party.

Guests, bridal attendants, brides, and grooms alike all have wedding reception questions before the big event. Even if this isn’t your first wedding rodeo, etiquette evolves over time and things change. Also, each event and wedding reception is different, so it’s not always possible to know exactly what to expect before you attend. However, there are some common wedding reception etiquette questions that usually have similar answers, regardless of the kind of wedding you are attending.

Familiarize yourself with this common wedding reception FAQ before your big event:

Do I need to pay for my drinks? Should there be a full bar?—If you are a bride or groom and are unsure about providing a full bar, it is best to offer a full bar, even if it is only for a limited time. A cash or restricted bar can be inconvenient for your guests, and it is a common courtesy to provide this for them. If you’re a guest, you shouldn’t have to pay for drinks unless it is a cash-only set-up, which you can inquire about beforehand.

Do I have to sit with people I don’t like? Can I just sit wherever I want?—You will likely have a seating arrangement, so you cannot just wander to any seat you’d like. It is the bride and groom’s responsibility to do their best to seat family and friends according to their relation, but there is no guarantee you won’t be seated with someone you dislike or have an unpleasant history with.

Do I need to bring my gift to the reception? Where should gifts be collected?—Traditionally, it’s appropriate and expected to bring the gift to the reception. There is usually a gift table or receiving area somewhere in the reception area for collecting gifts. However, with the growing popularity of on-line gift, honeymoon, and charity wedding registries, it’s also perfectly acceptable and even encouraged to ship the gift directly to the couple (unless the couple specifically requests otherwise). This is a common wedding reception question that warrants an answer before you attend a wedding occasion!

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