A Classic New York Wedding


New York City can have two polar impressions on people. The casual vibe given by the $1 pizzas, central park, yellow taxi cabs, and people from all walks of life. Another is the elegant grand impression we have of the city being all about class and style – Empire State, 5th Avenue, Upper East side, Wall Street. These two visuals of the city is pretty much what today’s featured wedding embodied – the heart of NYC mixed with luxurious and classy details. The ceremony and the reception was glamorous through and through. The setting, the decorations, and the entourage are all credited for this beautiful outcome. Then comes their wedding photo shoot across the streets of New York. It was such an awesome contrast for two people clad in their most formal and gorgeous outfits to walk around and pose by the things that make this city memorable for anyone. Congratulations Christie & Joe!

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How did you two meet?

Joe and I met doing stand up comedy in 2010. About a year later we did a show together and the next day Joe asked me out on a date. During that date we clicked. We just made sense together.

What makes the two of you the perfect match?

We are nuts! We are both passionate people with the same core beliefs and values. The jokes help us through every step.

How did he propose?

2 years after our first date, Joe proposed at the same table. Following that proposal he also had a surprise party for me to celebrate with our closest friends and family.

How was the planning process?

We had 14 months to plan our wedding. It was the perfect amount of time. I found myself wishing it was sooner, but it flew. I was extremely detail oriented with the wedding so it was nice to have some time to make sure everything was fabulous.

What is the best advice you received before your wedding?

Hm, probably that things will go wrong on the wedding day! There is no avoiding that, so just get over it now. My wedding planners told me that and I was like okay so this is out of my control now!

What is your advice for future brides?

ENJOY THE PROCESS! I was such a nut over some of this stuff. I hired people that I trusted and I had so much confidence in them there was no reason to stress. My biggest wedding day advice is, HAVE FUN. Soak it all in, this is the best day of your life. Also, get wedge sneakers, no one will know you put them on and it will literally save your life (and feet).

What were the challenges you faced during the wedding?

Luckily we didn’t have to many challenges as far as what we could do because the Pierre is incredible. Our wedding coordinator at the Pierre, Bill Spinner didn’t say no to anything. My mom and I are extremely close, she was incredibly helpful in the process. We had a great time doing it together. There were some small things, such as an idea I had for the escort cards that were just impossible, you have to just get over it and keep on going. No one notices those things as much as you do. My biggest wedding day challenge, my veil flew off the roof of the Pierre! During our first look my beautiful veil flew away, never to be seen again. My bridesmaids got me a new one to borrow from Bergdorf’s minutes before the ceremony. I didn’t panic, I knew there were so many people who love me running to fix it! I’m not a calm person, not sure where this serenity came from but it was a good thing.

What inspired the wedding decor?

I’m a very decisive person. I knew the feeling I wanted for the wedding. When I sat with David and his team (Christina rocks) I said I love pink, I love ghost chairs, I love glamorous and warm. They made everything just come to life. I wanted a mix of beautiful classic traditional New York Pierre with some modern sleek touches. The nailed it. I also have a pink problem, can’t get enough. They just made the most gorgeous wedding ever. When I saw the room for the first time, Christina asked me what I thought, my response “It’s f-ing amazing!”

What was the biggest expense?

Biggest expense is the décor. Flowers cost more then any human could imagine! 10293823048% worth it. My flowers were phenomenal, David Beahm is just amazing.

How many guests were invited?

We invited 329 and I believe it was around 265 there. Narrowing the list down is hard!! We didn’t invite any children aside from my flower girl and our 2 nieces that are 15.

What music did you play during the wedding?

My Bridal party walked down to Pachelbel Cannon. I walked down to here comes the bride. We left the ceremony space to Bruno Mars Marry you. We had 3 violins and a piano in ceremony.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to the Amalfi coast! Positano, Sorrento, Capri. PERFECT!!!

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

I got my girls cute PJs to wear to get ready. My MOH, mom and flower girl I got robes. Wanted everyone to feel pretty, girly and comfy.

Favorite parts of the day and also highlights?

I loved our ceremony it was very personal and beautiful. We wrote our own vows. Everyone’s comments about my wedding were 3 things: Our flowers were stunning, my dad’s speech was absolutely incredible and our band was amazing. All 3 of those things were just incredible and special. As well as the artist we had painting our first dance live! Our cocktail hour was awesome also! The theme was classic NYC with some sleek modern touches.


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Photographer: Robert Evans, 5th avenue Digital
Venue: The Pierre NYC
Dress:  Mark Zunino
Makeup:  Courtney Murray
Hair:  Danielle Searing
Decor/Flowers:  David Beahm Design
Videographer:  RF Films Photography
Cake:  Sylvia Weinstock
Band:  Bobby Attiko (Hank Lane)
Stationer:  Susan Carter

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