Bridal Vendor Shopping 101

Are you ready to start hiring your vendors for your wedding day? Here are some basic bridal vendor shopping steps you should take before signing any contracts.

Securing your bridal vendors is one of the very first steps to take when you begin planning your wedding, but it helps to acquaint yourself with some bridal vendor shopping 101 first before you sign on the dotted line. Booking vendors such as your caterer, florist, and wedding coordinator are rather large expenses, and they often require lengthy contracts that make it difficult to change or cancel once you sign the agreement. This is standard and is necessary for the vendor to run his or her business smoothly, but it also means that you need to know what you want and what you can afford before you make any contractual or financial commitments.

Keep the following bridal vendor shopping 101 in mind when you begin planning your wedding:

Ask around—One of the best ways to begin your vendor shopping process is to ask around for recommendations. Talk to other brides, bridal boutique owners, consult the BBB, and attend local bridal shows to meet potential vendors in person. Once you do your research, begin writing down each contender and make appointments with the ones you’d most like to meet with.

Get it in writing—When you meet with potential vendors, get everything in writing. Even if you’re not securing a contract, ask for a business card with an estimate number written on it, or for some sort of written correspondence that recaps the numbers and services you agreed on. This will help you keep track of your options as you begin the process of elimination and will also ensure that you are given the deal you agreed on during your initial meeting.

Know that quality costs more—Whatever you do, don’t be cheap. This doesn’t mean to choose vendors you cannot afford, but it does mean to be realistic about what your budget allows and to realize that quality typically costs more. Remember that it is not always beneficial to opt for the least expensive vendor option. Keep this bridal vendor shopping tip in mind as you begin meeting with potential vendors.

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