Breathtaking Vintage Wedding On Top

After you view these photos, you’ll want to elope in Colorado for a unique and intimate wedding experience. If you do, take into account the seasonal variations and marriage license requirements, and explore picturesque locations. Local planners and photographers can help ensure a seamless and memorable elopement. Enjoy exchanging vows amidst the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains for an unforgettable start to your married life.

Biesinger & Groom

Details That Made This Wedding Extra Special

The bridal style. Classic beauty with a twist. Natasha wore a unique wedding dress and coupled it handmade tailored midnight navy tuxedos with a black lapel and long navy dresses for my sisters, my bridesmaids.

The bouquet. Natasha carried a bouquet out of peonies in blush and green.

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The place settings. Staying true to their theme — classic and elegant — they had a tent with a full hardwood floor, draped ceiling, two large crystal chandeliers with elegant gold and crème décor. With simple beaded table runners with a large glass candle holder for each table.

The entertainment. “We had flown out a gospel choir from Nashville TN to see all the vintage wedding songs. So, from the processional to the recessional we had eight outstanding singers carry us through our ceremony.” — Natasha

The color palette. Gold and Ivory.


Advice For Brides-To-Be

Plan the wedding you want. Not the wedding your parents want. Not the wedding your friends want. Your wedding. I did exactly that. It was not easy at times but in the end, I followed my heart. I was so pleased with everything. You have to remember this is your day, not everybody else’s day. They had theirs or will have theirs. I had the luxury of not having any financial involvement from my family that enabled me to plan and select the vendors, the décor and the ceremony we wanted.

— Natasha

Groom & Biesinger (9)

Groom & Biesinger (17)



Photographer: Pettit Photography
Reception Venue: Lodge and Spa at Cordillera
Event Planner: Mountains and Meadows Weddings and Events

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