Blake & Daniel – Treasured Traditions


The wedding dress worn by the bride was passed down from four generations. The lace used on this dress was actually Blake’s grandmother’s veil. What an elegant way to pass down traditions, right? This Jewish affair was beautifully captured by Ross Goodman Photography. The Callonwolde Fine Arts Center was the perfect venue for this elegant & intimate event with its magnificent features & gorgeous two-way staircase. Doesn’t it make you envision a very dramatic entrance as you meet up with your groom? The wedding decorations were kept at a minimum with just transparent candle holders made for centerpieces. Blake & Daniel also had a simple & beautiful white wedding cake which was definitely a beautiful addition to the whole event. They also had some minor DIY touches with the love notes & advice cards on funnel glasses & a cage. This wedding surely is the epitome of simplicity & elegance at its best. Congratulations again to the wonderful couple – Blake & Daniel! 
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Photographer:  Ross Goodman Photography
Reception Venue: Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
Specialty Foods: King of Pops
Event Planner: Pretty Swell Parties

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  1. It was a lovely, elegant affair, filled with love and joy. The entire event reflected the true essence of Blake and Daniel. These pictures are just the tip of the iceberg.


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