An Anniversary Shoot

We barely see after-wedding photos and if we do, it’s usually just a trash the dress session which is done the day after. And as much as we love that kind of photo shoots, we’re also fascinated by documentations done after a long period of time. It’s like what some reality shows call “Where are they now?” segment. And looking at this couple, we certainly know the answer to that question. They are now at a point in their marriage where the love just continues to grow each and every day. I mean, look at these two. I even classified it first as an engagement album until I read the description and I was amazed at how fresh the bliss and love is for them both. They make me want to do this too! Who says couple photo shoots has to end by the wedding day? But really, happy anniversary Tiffany and Catlin!


These 2 have been married for a little over a year and wanted some updated pictures. We headed over to Moss Rock Preserve for their session. If you’ve never been to The Preserve it is a VERY nice neighborhood. During their session we joked about getting 2 other couples to go in on buying a house with us. (That’s the only way any of us could afford a house out there.) We even check out this house with a home theatre in it! Me and Catlin we sold. Needless to say we had lots of fun with these guys. We even hung out for a little while after the session and talked about married life and funny couple’s stories. Which if you ever meet Sara and I, you know we have plenty of funny stories to tell. Back to the couple of the hour… Tiffany and Catlin are a beautiful couple and fit so well with each other. We’re so happy they chose us to do their anniversary pictures.



Photographer:  Al Weddings

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