Abby & BJ – Love on Top

Ever felt like climbing up a mountain top and just shouting out to the world how much you love someone?  Now, wouldn’t that be such a grand plan? And that is exactly what Abby and BJ did when they said their vows on the rooftop of The Renaissance Hotel, together with family and friends.

And this is what their photographer Katherine Horgan had to share with us about the couple’s lovely wedding day –

We first met Abby and BJ through another one of our brides.  We were pleasantly surprised when they quickly chose us to be their wedding photographers.  They had selected an early Spring date on the rooftop of The Renaissance Hotel – well known spot for weddings in Columbus.

The wedding was on a bright and sunny day, with a mysteriously high amount of winds.  The high winds made for interesting, yet kind of magical photos.  The bride’s veil was flowing in the air for the entire ceremony… that is until the wind picked it up and swept it away.  The bridal party watched as it gracefully floated up into the sky and over the busy street below.  Luckily, the bride was able to laugh it off and still enjoyed her day.

The day was full of love, laughter, and great friendship and we’re proud to have covered this wonderful event for the couple who have now become friends of ours. 

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Photographer:  Greybird Galleries, LLC
Reception Venue: Columbus Renaissance Hotel
Dress Store: Girls in White Dresses
Floral Designer: Rose Bredl

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