A TARDIS Kind Of Blue

Our featured couple for today are huge Doctor Who (TV Show Series) fans. And what better way to express that adoration is to incorporate it into their wedding. They made a way to make this themed wedding as elegant as it can be. The motif, inspired by the TARDIS’ (the time machine and spacecraft in the show) color – Blue. They also had miniature TARDIS as table centerpieces around the reception. Horray for couples who share fandoms and geekiness. Congratulations David and Tracy!

Album Story:

The story for this album is the celebration of David and Kirstin coming together in marriage. The two were married in the fall in Minnesota at the Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis, MN, a staple of the University of Minnesota.

WWedding Outfit Inspirations:

The blue of the wedding day outfits was inspired off of the whole “something blue” aspect of one’s wedding day. Also, the bride and groom were both huge Doctor Who fans and had the Doctor Who TARDIS as centerpieces and more. Fans of the show know the TARDIS as the large blue police box, another inspiration for the coloring.

Favorite Part Of The Day:

There were so many great parts of the day, but the reception takes the cake, so to say. David and Kirstin are such fun people that regardless of what would happen, they would brush it off as if it was nothing. The reception was so fun because it was all about family and friends, and everyone was just enjoying themselves. At the end of the night, the bride decided she wanted a “street photo” and went outside of the venue and did some really fun shots with the party and her family in the streets around the University of Minnesota. It added a very carefree element to the entire day that cannot be faked.

The Do-It-Yourself Projects:

The DIY projects are small in stature, but those that knew the bride and groom completely understood their significance. If people use the Loring Pasta Bar as their venue, they know that they are going to get a lot for what they pay for in ways of decor. However, all of the tables (as well as other decorated areas) had small TARDIS’ from Doctor Who on them. The couple both love the show and wanted to incorporate it into the day. The great thing about this is that we booked them when we were shooting Comic Con, where the groom was waiting to see and possibly meet cast members of the show. So it was meant to be.

The Highlights From The Ceremony & Reception:

The ceremony was very quick but was done by a friend of both the bride and groom and ours as well. The reception had a large amount of highlights, including a very lengthy speech by the wedding party that was written and had to be photographed just to mark it in history. The end of the reception was also great, as everyone went outside the venue and took photos around the streets of the University of Minnesota. That was great because it mixed the casual and elegant aspects of the day because the bride was dressed in her gown and leather jacket with her bridesmaids. People on the street loved it as well, as students make up the neighborhood.

The Theme:

As mentioned before, the overall theme for the entire wedding was a “geek” wedding. There were Doctor Who TARDIS’ and Green Lanterns on the invites, programs, and other paperwork. TARDIS’ adorned the tables as centerpieces and general decor. The two love their geeky little fandoms and were happy to make it known on their special day.

Memorable Moment:

If I had to pick, I would say that the most memorable part would be when the speeches were given during the dinner and the time just after dinner. It was all about family and friends at that point, and that is what those two are all about. It was what was most important to them that day


Photographer: RKH Images
Floral Designer: Sadie’s Couture Floral & Event Styling
Dress Store: David’s Bridal
Caterer: Loring Pasta Bar
Restaurant: Loring Pasta Bar
Floral Designer: Sadie’s Couture Floral and Event Styliing
Tuxedo and Men’s Attire: Savvi Formalwear
Cake Designer: The Country Cake Cupboard

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