8 Reasons to Choose a Historic Venue for Your Wedding

Today’s brides and grooms aren’t wanting for more options when it comes to wedding venues — if anything, selecting the right location for a wedding can be overwhelming. You could have the ceremony in a church, or maybe you want it to happen outside. Banquet halls paint a ritzy backdrop for the reception, but maybe a brewery or backyard would be a simpler setting that’s more you.

But before you settle on any of these locations, consider throwing one more possibility into the ring: a historic venue. Here’s why.

1. The Decoration’s Mostly Done for You

One undeniable benefit of choosing a historic wedding location is that the space will come replete with character. As such, you don’t have to spend as much time, energy or money decorating your ceremony or venue space. You likely won’t enjoy this luxury if you choose a traditional banquet hall or basic outdoor venue. And, most of the time, the historic space you rent will help you decide the right colors with its finishes and materials.

2. The Pictures Will Never Look Dated…

Chances are, you want a timeless wedding look — why not extend the same discerning design eye to your venue? A historical space has managed to last for years, and that’s usually for good reason. It will paint a pretty backdrop for your photos, and you’ll look at them with pride now and decades into the future.

3. …And They’ll Be Easy to Take

Most couples get married, take pictures at the ceremony site, then go to a third location that’s picturesque enough for wedding photo backdrops. If you get married at a historic site, you don’t need to worry about traveling far and wide for a photo op. The ornate building and its sure-to-be-gorgeous surroundings give you plenty of variety for your pictures. Taking pictures at the wedding venue can also cut down on travel expenses, as well as the amount of time you spend away from the actual reception and party — which you surely want to attend for as long as possible.

4. You’ll Help Preserve History

What would happen to our historical buildings without money to keep them in pristine condition? Unfortunately, we all know the answer to that question. If you host your wedding in such a venue, you’re doing your part to preserve history. Plus, preserving structures is just as practical as it is historically vital. For one thing, it’s good for the environment to maintain existing structures instead of building new ones. And, having such a stunning venue in town will continue to boost the local economy. So, hosting your wedding in such a building improves more than just the look of your big day.

5. It Feels Unique

If you’re getting married in the height of wedding season, your guests will likely be attending a slew of different soirees around the time of your nuptials. So, setting your wedding in a historic place guarantees it will stand out from the crowd of popular banquet halls and more modern venues. At the end of it all, guests are more likely to remember the celebration that breaks the mold.

6. There’s Room for Everything

Perhaps you’re considering having your wedding in a historic home. Layouts from yesteryear suit a wedding much better than you’d think, especially if you have an open concept in your own home. Once upon a time, people preferred much more compartmentalized living. As such, having a wedding in a historic home or building means there will be a space for everything. For instance, you might have the ceremony outdoors, cocktail hour in one room, dinner in another and dancing close by. With a diverse-but-defined layout, you can designate every activity to its own space and still enjoy a connected ambiance.

7. You Can Blend Old and New

Even though a historic building will, of course, have a timeless appearance, you can still bring in modern elements to freshen it up and make it your own. Perhaps you envision a more modern style of dress or suit — bringing today’s fashion into an old-school space will only highlight both more brightly. To that end, you can always customize your menu, music and party favors so they represent you and your love as you are today.

8. A Tradition Could Start

Some say that historic wedding venues only get better with age. Let’s say you and your significant other choose such a location for your wedding. Perhaps in the future your kids or family members can walk down the aisle there, too, making it even more special. Plus, you can think about all the other couples who have danced on the same floor and felt the same joy and love over the years. That’s a tradition you’ll be happy to take part in.

Write Your Own History

Your wedding venue is just the beginning of the story of your married life. Choosing a historic venue as the backdrop for that moment is a timeless, unique and memorable choice — and it might just be the right one for your big day.

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