Glitz & Glam Wedding

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Isn’t this album just glamorous? Most specially their lovely reception setting. Our groom described their wedding as “New York socialite meets Miami nightlife” and it sure did look like that – the glamour of New York and the fun of Miami. Elegant indeed!

Here is what our groom has to say about their love story and it’s journey to their wedding day…

What is your story as a couple, how did you meet & fall in love?

It started with one click on the internet. David wanted to find love that was less than 20 miles away from him in Stamford, Connecticut. The computer shot across the Long Island sound and brought back a screen name called Glam Girl. Not recognizing that Woodbury, NY was on Long Island and not even close to Connecticut, he was still intrigued by Nicole. After 3 wonderful conversations David had to find out who this funny and witty girl was. It truly was one of those moments, when you know that you have met the person you have been waiting your whole life to meet. After many trips to Long Island for dates, our love story moved to the Big Apple when David was promoted to run New York City for Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery. Our romance blossomed in Manhattan with many fun dates to Broadway, comedy shows, University of Gators Football and fancy restaurants. After ten months of courtship a special snow storm in Central Park brought a surprising proposal and the rest shall we say is history.

What makes the two of you a perfect match?

We love being together doing anything. We always laugh and have fun and at the same time can feel safe in our own skin. We share a love for our families. She is the best part of each day.

How did he (or you) propose?

Project Proposal happened at the Duck Pond in Central Park in New York City on December 14, 2013. I set this up for weeks hiring a photographer to shoot the proposal. That morning a snow storm ripped though New York City and I was worried on how I would get her into the park while it snowed. As each hour got closer to the time the snow would not stop and I had Nicole convinced we were meeting another couple to see a show. We made our move and with it came the most special time in our lives. We started walking towards the pond but what I didn’t anticipate was the crowd that would be there on a Saturday afternoon. Finding our photographer in the mix would be tough but we spotted each other. With her hand in my hand we walked closely to keep each other warm. With each step, I could hear the words in my head and my heart pounding with excitement. As we got to the spot, I turned to her and began to tell her about all of our special times and laughs and wondered if they would last forever? There is only one way to find out and that is to ask one more question, will you marry me? She screamed yes. Being in Central Park people started to cheer and clap. I pointed to our photographer and she couldn’t believe it. Her face was so surprised and we were so happy. We will always cherish that specific moment.

How long was the planning process? Did you think it was enough time?

We planned the wedding in 8 months and it was absolutely enough time.

What was the best advice you received when you were planning your wedding?

Something will go wrong and only you will notice it and let it go. Take a breath, stand back and actually watch what is going on. You work so hard to throw an amazing event. Enjoy it!!

What tips & tricks (can we use “hacks”?) can you share future brides that you yourself have learned during and after your wedding?

Make sure you don’t miss what is the most important to you. If you want to be ensure you have enough time at your wedding, limit the time your photographer can pull you from the event or other distractions that can happen.

What were some challenges you faced planning your wedding & what would you have done differently to avoid them?

Our biggest challenge was planning this wedding from New York and having the event in Tampa. Just not having the face time in the event space and with our vendors. If we could change anything would be to live in the city where you are having the event.

What inspired your wedding decor? Why did you choose the things that you did?

We wanted to have New York sophisticate meet a Miami Nightclub. We wanted each detail to be perfect and mean something to us from the color of the flowers to the up lighting. Feather were chosen in the flowers to give each arrangement a chic but beautiful feel. The crystal lighting from floor to ceiling and the leather furniture gave the room a club feel with elegance.

What was the wedding budget?


Where did you save the most money?

On the venue, we chose the Westin Harbour Island and Delaynna Winters worked with our budget and helped us on cost of the space, food and alcohol.

What was the biggest expense?

Décor, Geoffrey’s. Worth every penny. Created our scenery.

How many guests were invited in your wedding and what was the final guest count?

176 were invited and 141 attended.

How did you narrow down your list?

Such a challenge to do but really came down to who we were closest to.

What songs did you use during the ceremony?

We wanted modern songs but with a twist.
Bridal Party and Groom: Vitamin String Quartet Don’t stop believing
Bride: Vitamin String Quartet Wonderful Tonight
Processional: Keith Kenniff Year’s a look back

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Sandal’s Negril, Jamaica

What are you most excited about for the future?

Spending everyday with Nicole. Building Home, starting a family and growing old together. Together being the key word in everything.

Do you have advice for couples still in the planning process?

Stay patient, you are going to have an amazing affair. Talk through everything. It’s ok to disagree on a couple of things but remember what is the most important thing. The two of you.

What would you say, the overall story for this album?

Glitz and Glam have a love story. Every detail contained this from the cake to the centerpieces, the lighting and the crystal chandelier beads that went from the floor to the ceiling.

What inspired the wedding day outfits?

We wanted glitz with modern. The women wore champagne and sparkles and the gentlemen wore black tuxedo’s with  champagne vests.

What was your favorite part of the day?

Our favorite time was being at the sweetheart table and looking around at the wonderful event that we had created and knowing that we are starting our life together. And of course dancing away with all of our family and friends.

Was there any Do it Yourself (DIY) projects? If so, can you describe them in detail?

Welcome Bag was a New York meets Florida. It included an apple, an orange, champagne, advil, Chocolate with personalized wrapper, nuts and other fun items in a straw bag. Mints on the tables, saying “mint to be”.

What were the highlights from the ceremony & reception?

Our highlights from the ceremony was that the Rabbi was truly honest and funny while the room looked fantastic. The guests felt intimate amongst the indoor garden. Our highlights from the reception were the fantastic music and décor that surrounded the dance floor. People were dancing till the last minute and only took breaks for the meal and cake cutting. The food and drinks were flowing and tasted amazing.

Was there a theme for the ceremony and reception?

Elegance and Class, New York meets Florida

What part of the ceremonies do you think was the most memorable for you? Your guests?

When the Rabbi told our story of how we met and why we liked each other. For our guests, seeing how much love was in the room from the family, friends and the bride and groom. It was intimate while being large.


Photographer:  Carrie Wildes Photography
Cake Designer:  Chantilly Cakes
Event Planner:  Days Remembered by ND
DJ:  Grant Hemmond DJ’s
Floral Designer:  Island Flowers
Hair Stylist:  Salon Bella Flora
Event Venue:  Westin Tampa Harbour Island Hotel
Décor:  Geoffrey’s Floral and Decor

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