Blue Jar O’ Kisses

Instead of walking down on a red carpet, Kaitlin chose to walk on soft white sand and with picket fences on her way to Dane on their blissful moment. And on this special day, a plethora of pastels on pastels was accentuated — which you thought might be overwhelming but it was beautiful. A motif of soft colored roses was their choice for the bouquets, teals for the bridesmaids’ dainty dresses, and, of course, the bride’s ivory gown. All of which are reasonable color choices for a rustic yet modern event. They even had a powder blue mason jar of chocolate kisses for their party favors of which I believe catered enough endorphins to last a lifetime! And since it was a beach wedding, a plain white surfboard where guests could scribble something for the couple served as their guestbook! It was festive, it was love, it was Kaitlin and Dane. Have fun along the way, you two!

It All Started In Malaysia

Persistence is the ultimate key, and KC is the ideal example for it as he pursued Adaline for such a long time. With patience, both sustained their relationship for eleven long years and finally decided to put everything in paper! So, they decided to get married in the place where they met and fell in love – Malaysia. In the ceremony and reception, gold color palette is evident which is perfectly brewed with all the DIY decorations, the colonial feel of the hotel, and their Malaysian culture. This wedding is clear- cut intimate and romantic. Congratulations Adaline and KC!

Red, White, and Blue Nautical Styled Shoot

You don’t need to have your wedding by the 4th of July or by Veterans Day to have red, white, and blue as your color palette and this styled shoot will show you why. It’s a lovely combination, specially if you’re aiming for a nautical theme, but nevertheless, these three colors are bound to go well together no matter what your intended style is. You can opt for something softer like sky blue and pink but there’s this certain charm if you use the richness of red and navy blue. It’s much easier to use blue as your base color then have hints of red but we’re sure that reversing this would still lead to awesome results. But anyway, this nautical themed styled shoot will surely bring out the patriotic side of you. We loved everything about it and we’re sure that you will too.