A Greek Wedding

At the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Tarpon Springs was where forever for Stephanie and Nik began as couple. It was a day of elegance and color. It’s lovely how they incorporated tradition with modernity. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Karamountzos! Unique and amazing details from the weddings are as follows brought to us by SandyRules Events Inc., and all the lovely shots were captured by Limelight Photography for us to be inspired with. Take your time reading guys, enjoy!

Through The Enchanted Forest

Transforming a science center into a woodland is no easy task. But, Mary and Robert made it possible – an enchanted forest in the middle of a concrete jungle. The warmth of the occasion was felt in all the elements that were fashioned harmoniously with each other. Personally, their table centerpieces had me in awe. It’s flowers of deep burgundies, greens, and dark mauves were illuminated flickering candle lights They even decorated the ceiling with organic floras. Join me in looking through their wedding photos, and let us all fall in wonder. Best wishes from today until forever, Mary and Rob!

Waltzing The Venetian Abode

Down the beautiful New Jersey is where Nancy and Andy marked the start of their life together. They celebrated their wedding in a Venetian ballroom where everything seemed classic brought by the yellow lights of the chandeliers and the stylish ceiling. Matching all these elegance are the neutral colors of black and white, from the bridesmaid’s fluffy dresses to the groomsmen’s boutonnieres. What I liked best is how fun and spirited everyone were which made their whole enchilada so memorable. Their names even rhyme, so this must be destiny! Congratulations, Nancy and Andy!