A Love that’s Meant to Be

If you think our couple today looks familiar, it’s because they’re both personalities in the world of ice hockey and reality cooking shows. But right now, we’re here to celebrate and share with you their amazing love story that boiled down to a beautiful engagement, and finally, their perfect wedding. Most of the events in their lives was a product of fate and I think that resulted to everything looking lovely and flowing smoothly. We won’t be spoiling any more than that for our bride tells everything better. Enjoy their story that just oozes with sweetness and fate from start to finish. And congratulations Justin & Jessie.

Historic Oak Hill Wedding

Such a beautiful location for a perfect day. The garden was already lovely enough that it didn’t need further decorations for the ceremony. We were told that this venue was used for “Sweet Home Alabama” – a romantic movie – and I saw the said scene where they had the Oak Hill setting and it’s a shame that they [movie] didn’t utilize this lovely garden as well as our featured couple did. But aside from that, the reception details are noteworthy. S’mores for everyone and nature-y wedding cakes, they really embraced the beauty of the outdoors in this event. Congratulations Kathryn and Marvin!