The Attraction Of Polar Opposites

We may be used to the phrase statement “Opposites attract”, but it is true we are all wired that way. Just like how Liza, who grew up in the city, fell in love with Luke, a country boy. It’s the differences that are the most intriguing in a person. And just like them their theme Rustic Glam, two opposite styles combined, made for a beautiful outcome. Such a lovely metaphor for their love, don’t you think?

Styled Shoot – Savagely Sweet

This photoshoot is filled with sweet and soft details accented by dark and edgy hints. From the bridal gowns and dresses to the table pieces, everything just screams chic. The outfits’ designs are beautifully feminine but it’s either they’re paired with something that has a touch of black or it is black. The food and table details are in pink and black, which may sound unappetizing but once you look at them, they will be sure to bring out your sweet tooth. Despite the darkness and lack of appeal of the said shade as a traditional wedding palette, when used at good moderation, it can actually make your event classy. Besides, completely soft hues are not really for every bride.