Tropical Colors And Rustic Feel

Kristin’s vision for her wedding decor led to this beautiful Rustic Garden wedding. The wedding was perfectly styled according to the theme – the personalized invites and menus, the tropical flowers, and the burlap accents. And though the venue might be the biggest expense of this event I would say it was worth every penny. Congratulations to Jeb and Kristin on getting hitched and for such romantic eve

Modern Indian Wedding

I’ve always admired Hindu weddings, it’s not only rich in culture but also with vibrant colors. They incorporate a lot of art on their weddings which make it lovely and amazing. Raina and Sanjay’s wedding is not an exemption. And the wedding was held at The Hamptons (Yes, The wedding is by the beach!).

Outdoor Wedding with Red + Purple Accents

Our bride and groom’s wedding color accents, red and purple, are actually their favorite colors. See, not only do they match as a couple (read: their love story) but their preferred colors match tastefully as well. Also, their compromise on this difference was done well – only the bride and groom were adorned with red accents but the rest of the event had purple ones. This is truly a lovely wedding.